We thank the Australian Research Council (ARC) and the Australian Government for awarding our laboratory and collaborators (Prof Toth, UQ) with a 2020 ARC Discovery Project Grant for 3 years.

link: Funding Announcement

We look forward to the research and training opportunities that this funding will provide.

Project Summary: Developing a multicomponent platform for targeted gene delivery. Gene delivery systems are important tools in biological research and offer many exciting future prospects. Delivering gene material is very difficult in practice: rapid deterioration, poor cell uptake, and reaching the right tissue and cell types are major obstacles. Ways to overcome each barrier individually have been suggested in existing research but these components have not yet been combined in a single solution, which this project will tackle. This proposal aims to create a technology to stabilise and deliver active gene material to target cells. The gene delivery tool developed in this project will advance biological research greatly with many potential future applications.